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O C T O B E R - Sun in Libra/ Sun in Scorpio

Virgo does all right for itself this month, starting with the conjunction to Virgo Venus (Oct 1-14) that most strongly affects first week of September Virgos. In Virgo, Venus is finally doing something you understand--- striving for harmonic perfection. You can see matters of love and beauty (and in some instances, money) without the rose-colored glasses, and things are making sense in a way that resonates. Alongside Virgo Venus is Virgo Mars, conjunct the Suns of Virgos born after the first week of September (Oct 1-22). You delight in precision and act with an overall concern for the quality of your performance, making this a wonderful time to transform something sloppy and unfinished into something polished and complete. This would be especially true in your workplace, but it may relate to your personal life as well. The sextile with Scorpio Jupiter (Oct 10th-through the 31st) simultaneously laser-focuses and expands the attention of August Virgos, making you hungry to tackle big ideas or big problems with an intimidating amount of resolve. All Virgos are affected by the waning crescent Moon in Virgo from October 15th through the 17th; here, you will find emotional satisfaction in time-tested routine, organization, problem-solving, and service to others. Scorpio Mercury (Oct 18-31) and Scorpio Sun (Oct 23-31) sextile the Suns of both August and early-to-mid September Virgos. Mental clarity comes easily, and it is fruitful to communicate important or probing issues with others. The monthlong square with Saturn Sagittarius, if you’re a mid-September Virgo, can feel like it’s knocked the stuffing out of you. As much as you might desire self-gratification, it’s possible that it’s not your time. You may feel unusually unlucky, or heavy with the weight of the world, but focusing on other people than yourself will help you carry on. Virgos born in the first week of September must guard against convincing illusions from retrograde Pisces Neptune. If it’s too good to be true, it most certainly is. Those Virgos born during the second week of September can benefit from the trine with Capricorn Pluto, who will cheerfully help you tear down your old structures---sorry, it’s most of them--- in favor of powerful new ones.


Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H

Scorpio's intense water energy this month reminds earthbound Virgos to be more fluid sometimes.