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N O V E M B E R - Sun in Scorpio/ Sun in Sagittarius

Virgo is perhaps the best candidate for not losing its cool during this heavily Scorpionic season. Unlike the other signs, Virgo can observe Scorpio coolly for its merit and overall usefulness-- take, for example, the satisfaction in a job well done (Virgo) from an investigative reporter (Scorpio). The natural ability of Scorpio to peel back layers is of interest to intellectually curious and exacting Virgo, who also likes to see the mechanisms but is concerned with the wheres, whats, and whens while Scorpio sweats over hows and whys. This dichotomy is omnipresent in Scorpio Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet, as it sextiles Virgo Sun from November 1st to the 5th. The sextile to Scorpio Sun (Nov. 1-21), on the other hand, is less intellectual than it is personal and motivational. Feelings of worth, core truths of self, and other ego concepts come into the light for Virgo (notably, September Virgos) during this period, with positive results. The party dips a little when Mercury enters goofy Sagittarius (Nov. 6-30). Sag looks like a hippie huckster when placed against Scorpio, and, pitted against Virgo energy, loses points for its sloppy everyman thinking. It may feel difficult to be precise during this influence, as shameless curiosity and brutal optimism emerge sleepy and unkempt to take the helm. Scorpio Venus (Nov. 8-30) affects all Virgos at some point in the month. This is one case where Scorpio energy might be too much for Virgo--- in its detriment, this Venus can be heavy-handed, submerging itself like a faulty canoe when it should be floating on the surface like a flower petal. Take care you don’t cross boundaries with loved ones, potential sweethearts, or creative partners. The waning crescent Moon in Virgo (Nov. 11-13) encourages you to reflect in order to create order out of confusion, or solve any problem that might be keeping you awake. The late-November square with Sagittarius Sun (Nov. 22-30), as well as the monthlong square with Sagittarius Saturn, might make you feel like a stickler. Nobody likes to be told they’re uptight-- especially when finger-pointer so far gone on the spectrum they have no business giving advice at all. This is what it might feel like under these two Sagittarian planets, and remember-- just because you’re the guy who doesn’t want to get naked in the hot tub doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. Fortunately, the monthlong sextile with Jupiter in Scorpio will vindicate late August and early September Virgos; your fortunes will be measured by your relationship to truth, feeling, and the rejection of superficiality. Retrograde Pisces opposition to first week of September Suns will echo your frustrations with Sagittarius, but in the sense that the target now moves. At least you can track Sagittarian larks--- with Pisces, you’re off the map, or staring at a hologram. All the most fantastical illusions show their strings once Neptune goes direct (Nov. 23rd), but their power to confuse still remains. Capricorn Pluto trines your Sun and helps you get your control of your life in a concrete way; you’ll emerge feeling more mature, and perhaps a few possessions (real or metaphysical) lighter.

Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H

You'll need your roots as firmly planted as ever to handle Scorpio and dismiss Sagittarius.