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D E C E M B E R 1 7 - 2 3 : V I R G O

The square with Sagittarius Saturn will move into a trine with Capricorn Saturn on the 20th, turning the proverbial frown upside down within the week. For Virgo, feeling scattered feels the same as being blocked; Sagittarius energy is all over the rest of December, but you have the sensibility of earthen Capricorn to back you up as you cope. The Sagittarian Sun finishes its square with yours on December 21st, while Sagittarius Venus finishes on December 23rd. In the case of Venus, the square could be a blessing in disguise, getting you to lighten up and riff in a moment where it really counts. Retrograde Sagittarius Mercury confounds your compartmentalized speech and thought patterns until the 22nd; on the 23rd, Mercury stations direct, but in Sagittarius still, so you’ll only feel a subtle twinge of relief. Scorpio Mars sextiles your Sun for the entire week, granting you resolve and imbuing you with power when you need it. The Sun trines in Capricorn beginning the 22nd, bathing you in a flaxen earthly glow-- personal power is at a high. The sextile with Scorpio Jupiter helps expand on the power theme, especially for Virgos born the first week of September. The opposition from foggy, immaterial Pisces Neptune will be most keenly felt by anyone born very close to the first of September, while the trine with Pluto Capricorn will encourage those born near the second week of September to embrace radical change.

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