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S E P T E M B E R - Sun in Virgo/ Sun in Libra

Happy birthday, September Virgos! The Sun will be in Virgo through September 22nd, granting you a much-needed dose of personal power. But the whammies await, starting with the opposition to the Full Pisces Moon on September 6th. You may find yourself somewhat out of sorts for a few days, mostly because things aren’t going according to plan. Everything will seem vague and difficult to define; commitments may slip from your fingers; the tightly organized will fray and unravel. You may feel, maddeningly, that you’re seeing details others aren’t, and arguments may spring up as a result when both Mars and Mercury conjunct your Sun (September 6th and 10th, respectively, through the rest of the month). The Virgo New Moon on September 19th and 20th will help you collect yourself and begin again. Now is the best time to make a plan, not to act on one. A square with Saturn in Sagittarius will create ideological obstacles, or create a clash with a mentor --especially if you were born in mid-September. Once Venus conjuncts your Sun from September 20-30, the edges will smooth over again. You’ll feel and look better, your creative nature will come into focus, and interactions will feel more charmed or fortuitous. At the end of the month, though, retrograde Neptune in Pisces will oppose Virgo Venus as well as your Virgo Sun, so be wary of fairy tale scenarios. The month-long trine with retrograde Pluto in Capricorn makes September a good time to tear down old constructs in the name of practicality. Purge possessions, cut ties that are holding you back from your potential, or take on a new discipline to reinvent yourself with.



Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H 

The earthy atmosphere of this Virgo-heavy month is exactly what makes it good-- stay true to the theme.