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A U G U S T - Sun in Leo/ Sun in Virgo

Get the most out of all your communications, connections, and interchanges with the Virgo Mercury sextile before it goes rogue (i.e. retrograde) on August 12th. This may be your last opportunity to reach understandings easily, as the square from Leo Sun will make you feel that people or situations are at cross-purposes with you. Being a Scorpio, this may seem personal, but really it’s only a lesson to show that you’re pursuing worthwhile things. Both October and November Scorpios will bask in the trine with Cancer Venus, whose feminine sensuality will bring an uptick in flirtations. Likely, too, is that you will seek all that is beautiful and pleasant, and you may do well making or buying art, revamping your living space, or acquiring some new clothing.  Seek the company of others during this transit or you might end up feeling especially lonely. The trine moves into a square when Venus enters Leo on August 27th-- the same day the waxing crescent Moon enters Scorpio. You’re in danger of being manipulative or woefully self-serving at this time, so use the Moon’s energy to mull over any intimacy issues or psychological troubles instead. The square with Leo Mars (all month long) puts you at risk for temper flares at the threat of wounded pride. Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn sextiles the Sun for mid-November Scorpios, who are due for a cleanup--- houses, difficult situations, disordered feelings, et al.

 Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H

There's absolutely nothing airy about this month for Scorpio, which is precisely why you could use a little light breeze.