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O C T O B E R - Sun in Libra/ Sun in Scorpio

Happy birthday, October Scorpios! You begin the month with a sextile to a troubled Virgo Venus, which wants to push you to look for perfection in that which is naturally imperfect. It’s workable, so long as you turn this energy into dynamic problem-solving. Trying to control, predict, or organize matters of the heart can be foolhardy, but it’s always worth taking a pause to see things more clearly. This is a transit for making “PRO” and “CON” columns on a legal pad. From its conjunction to Virgo Venus (Oct 1st -14th), Virgo Mars will also be sextiling your Sun until the 22nd. If sex or romance is on your mind, you will find yourself more aggressive and attractive for this short stint. Virgo’s influence helps you articulate yourself and clean up nice. Jupiter enters Scorpio for the first time since 2005 starting on October 10th. In its initial movements, it will mostly affect October Scorpios, bringing with it an expansion on Scorpio themes. Mystery, privacy, and secrets, loss, rebirth, radical honesty, lust and eroticism will all become more prominent in your life, especially in the realms of expression, communication, and assertion of ego and self (Scorpio Jupiter is being aspected by both the Sun and Mercury this month). The waxing crescent Moon in Scorpio is a time for attempting small emotional tryouts; dip your toes into different levels of intensity and see how you feel. Scorpios born in early November will feel the effects of the Sun’s trine with retrograde Neptune in Pisces, and benefit strongly from some form of expression as well as important creative dawdling. Songwriting, art-making, and writing are good examples of activities, but daydreaming, listening to music, looking at art, and reading fantastical literature also satisfy.  The 24th of October is the best time of all for this, when Neptune trines Scorpio Mercury in the sky. Scorpios born around the second week of November can use the sextile with Capricorn Pluto to get serious about something that needs doing-- likely something adult, or something that puts you on the path to advancement.


 Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S   M O N T H

With all the Scorpio kicking about this October, an earthbound influence will keep you feeling stable and satisfied.