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N O V E M B E R - Sun in Scorpio/ Sun in Sagittarius

When Scorpio Mercury squares their Suns (Nov. 1-5), mid to late-August Leos might think “Them’s fightin’ words” is the slogan of the week. A way to counter any battle of wills (or intellects) might be to take a breath and truly get to the bottom of something, an action Scorpio nearly always wants to take. Libra Venus sextiles the same group of Leo Suns as well (Nov. 1-7), making it possible for the right words to flow during a disagreement. With Mars hitting Libra at the same time (Nov. 1-30), a little flirting or sex appeal couldn’t hurt. The window is brief, however, as Venus slips into Scorpio as well from November 8th through the rest of the month. At this time, also with Scorpio Sun squaring your own (Nov. 1-21), your intensity might be a bit of a turnoff for those around you. Not everything has to be profound and laid bare in order for it to matter. Mercury in Sagittarius (Nov. 6-30) is good at helping you remember this once it leaves its Scorpio post, encouraging you now to take a broader glimpse with your intellect. Ideals and beliefs seem logical at this time; with the help of Sun Sagittarius (Nov. 22-30) and Saturn Sagittarius (all month) trining your Sun, you might even get a little learning or self-expansion out of the equation. Any disagreement you encounter at the beginning of this month will serve to better you in the long run. For late July and early August Leos, the square with Scorpio Jupiter can be felt for months to come. By itself, a square to Jupiter goes ahead and bites off more than you can proverbially chew, but in Scorpio, what felt overwhelming could also feel grave. You will doubtless feel in over your head; revelations, transformations, and resurrections could feel both devastating and positively impactive for the greater good. For mid-August Leos, the monthlong trine with retrograde Aries Uranus could bring about the kind of surprises that make you both laugh and cringe at the irony-- ultimately, it feels pretty good.

 Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H

The soggy squares this month could be nicely offset by an airy little breeze.