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S E P T E M B E R - Sun in Virgo/ Sun in Libra

While Leo Mercury is in retrograde, you’ll find that communications, social contacts, and creative opportunities increase, but they might not be exactly right. The Leo Mars conjunction (through September 5th) adds an unrealistic sense of impatience or urgency that you should ignore. Once Leo Mercury goes direct on September 5th and finishes out through the 9th, you can conduct the above business as usual, without any confusion. The conjunction with Leo Venus will have you blossoming creatively and romantically (September 1-19); financially, you could enter a fruitful period that brings new friends with it. The only key is to avoid flattering yourself or overindulging-- you’re doing beautifully, but modesty is attractive on everyone. The waning crescent Moon in Leo (September 16-18) drives you towards introspection towards your personal life, especially concerning women. Tend to your personal and domestic needs at this time. The sextile with Libra Sun is integrative, demanding that you bring others closely around you (September 23-30). Initiate contacts, plan gatherings, and engage actively with the aesthetic world. This could mean anything from staring at some art for a few hours to getting a drastic new haircut. The sextile with Libra Jupiter increases the potential of luck and big opportunities through social avenues; many tidbits of good fortune will be scattered around you with the help of both old and new friends. The trine with Sagittarius Saturn (all month) grants you ease in ideological discipline, making it a favorable time to study, travel, or develop a skill, especially if you were born in mid-August. The trine with retrograde Uranus in Aries makes you restless and hungry for change or adventure. Since Saturn and Uranus are in harmony at this time, you can harness this energy into something prudent and transformative.



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