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O C T O B E R - Sun in Libra/ Sun in Scorpio

Libra likes to play nice and assume the best, often waffling over options without ever arriving at anything. Nothing could be more frustrating to Aries, who will now be contending with this sort of energy for the entire month! First, Libra Jupiter will oppose your Sun from the 1st through the 9th, making you overconfident in your charms. You may try to settle disputes or tackle an important aesthetic decision, only to discover that your efforts are either disastrous or unwarranted. Boosting this energy is the Sun (Oct 1-22) and Mercury (1-17), also ganging up in Libra to confound you completely. Beware of self-righteousness, overindulgences, and the doling of unsolicited advice. Instead, try and stay focused on yourself, or at the very least you smallest circles of influence. This is a time of culmination, where energies brewing in the last few months seem to be coming to a head. From October 4th through the 6th, the Moon is full in Aries, increasing knee-jerk reactivity as well as hot-headed ardor. Mid-month, Venus and Mars also enter Libra and effectively polarize for interesting results. While Libra is ruled by Venus, Mars finds itself in detriment, meaning that you could find yourself feeling largely ineffective. Opposing, empowered Libra Venus can mean a premium on all things fun and delightful when discipline, restraint, or diligence is required, and Libra Mars can exacerbate the situation by driving you headlong into impulsively generated ultimatums for which you have no good answer. Just so you’re clear, the 1st through the 9th will saddle you with Libra Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun at once; come October 15th through the 17th, you’ll contend with Libra Sun, Mercury, and Venus. The only upside of this month could come from the subtler, more long-term influences of the outer planets, such as Sagittarius Saturn (in trine for mid-to-late April Aries) and retrograde Aries Uranus (in conjunction for late April Aries). Saturn makes it easy for you to get to know yourself again through ideological reflection. Examine the practical philosophies of your everyday, such as your philosophy of habit, home life, work, or responsibilities. Uranus, on the other hand, enables you to think outside of your experience for a change, and invites surprise and disruption as catalyst.  For Aries born the second week of April, the square with Capricorn Pluto insists that you make deep transformations that may feel like you’re being scooped hollow. Don’t resist-- it’s the only solution for lasting improvement.

Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H

Your fiery willpower needs reassurance to counteract all this air and water.