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D E C E M B E R 1 7 - 2 3 : A R I E S

The trine with Sagittarius Saturn will finally end on December 19th, drawing a nearly three-year period to a close. Do you feel a bit wiser? More philosophically rich? These are the lessons of Sagittarius, which, when combined with Saturn, can become dogmatic or ideologically rigid. With the right approach, Saturn can lend a sophisticated and steady hand to the big ideas of Sagittarius. What have you learned? Sagittarius Sun trines your own before it moves to Capricorn on the 22nd, giving you a spring in your step and the wherewithal to actually engage your biggest ideas. Sagittarius Venus trines your Sun all this week, turning you into a more charming and uninhibited version of yourself; it would behoove you to flirt a little if given the chance. If already attached, romance the one you love with something new you can do together. Sagittarius Mercury in Retrograde cools its heels and stations direct on December 23, bringing an end to a heightened risk of putting your foot in your mouth. Saturn, newly in Capricorn, squares your Sun on the 20th, beginning a period of enforced maturity and uncomfortable-- albeit steady-- growth that you’ll be able to measure better at the end of the next few years. Capricorn Sun, too, will square your own on December 22nd, reining in a bit of your brassy holiday revelry. The ongoing conjunction with retrograde Aries Uranus proves interesting for Aries born mid-April, who will experience a welcome shake-up of their routines and patterns. The square with Capricorn Pluto will most strongly affect those born around the start of the second week of April. All lessons required by Pluto have maturity and development as the end game, but drastic measures are oftentimes its methods.

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