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N O V E M B E R - Sun in Scorpio/ Sun in Sagittarius

If you were born from mid to late May, your first task this November will be facing the Scorpio Mercury opposition (Nov. 1-5) blended with the energy of the Scorpio Sun opposition (Nov. 1-21), which will prove stimulating, to say the least. You will feel as though you are interfacing with your world more directly and intensely than usual, although now it is more important to be receptive than active. Scorpio energy is tempestuous and courts controversy, as it is so naturally inclined to probe and penetrate the more uncomfortable layers. Let any aforementioned controversy turn you into an observer or a sympathetic ear instead of an interrogator or instigator. The Taurus Full Moon from the 3rd to the 5th emphasizes Taurus’ interest in the body and any other plane where pleasure can be immediately and concretely understood. Pursue themes of satisfaction and confirmation on these days. Scorpio Venus is in its fall (Nov. 8-30), exposing hidden tensions. A dark truth about someone you know may come to light; bad relationships may be temporarily made worse; you may glimpse yourself through the lens of another and not like what you see. For late April and early May-born Tauruses, the Scorpio Jupiter square will inflate what you’re feeling. Jupiter in Scorpio can be aggressive, hungry for truth, and powerful in its reach. It may well be the poster child for modern call-out culture, a popularly known and widespread (Jupiter) trend that aims to uncover, expose, and vilify (Scorpio) people for the intended greater good (Jupiter, again). Try and think about how such things fit into your own life, and take heed. Retrograde Neptune in Pisces may throw a few beautiful mirages at you if you were born around the first week of May; as long as you properly identify them, they can’t confound you once Neptune finally goes direct (November 23rd). All month long, Capricorn Pluto trines the Suns of those born around the second week of May, pulling reformatory changes from you like nets of fish. You will be emboldened by these transformations; ride this energy to be more forceful in situations that previously felt too delicate.

 Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H

All this Scorpio heaviness can be taxing; you could benefit from an uncharacteristic boost from Air.