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N O V E M B E R - Sun in Scorpio/ Sun in Sagittarius

Happy birthday, November Sagittarians! The first week of the month has Libra Venus sextiling your Sun, in particular if you have a mid to late December birthday. This energy likes to be put to work, requiring effort and enterprise to bring about results, unlike the easygoing trine. If you try and be just a little more mindful, diplomatic, and charming this week, your signature Sagittarian social blundering might feel less ridiculous than average. You could do very well to flirt with someone and have it go well for a change (sorry!) or you could try to throw some adverse-seeming odds in your favor, particularly if you are trying to make someone either choose you or absolve you. For those born in the first week of December, the square with retrograde Pisces Neptune (Nov. 1-22) can cause a great deal of confusion or disappointment in unexpected ways. Try not to commit to anything mystical or speculative, as your powers of discernment are at a low. Remain proactive and do not submit passively, whether it be another’s influence, or the influence of any substance, and listen closely to any misgivings or feelings of uncertainty. The sextile with Libra Mars has both good (Libra, the sextile aspect) and bad (Mars in its detriment in Libra) qualities, of most concern to those born from late November to mid December. While you might be able to put a lot of energy into aesthetics, harmony, diplomacy and, in general, “making things work,” you may also find yourself in open conflict if you are not tactful. The sextile requires action of us-- this is not an influence that simply washes over someone. You are as complicit in your problems as anyone else is, and that’s important to remember, in particular because Libra is the sign of relationship to the other. Passive-aggressiveness is, perhaps, the largest-looming challenge. Fortunately, Sagittarius Mercury conjuncts your Sun from November 6th to the 30th, affecting all Sagittarian birthdays. You are broad and curious under this influence, concerned with bigger-picture thinking and risky ideas (including beliefs), and you’ll want to pal around with someone who thinks this way, too. From November 19th to the 21st, the waxing crescent Moon is in Sagittarius, right before the Sun enters the sign (November 22 through December) as well. It is a fruitful time for testing the limits of your adventurousness, or expanding ideas you thought couldn’t be improved upon. Also on November 22nd, Pisces Neptune stations direct, declawing (but not dissipating!) some of the more ferocious mirages in your life. All month long, Sagittarius Saturn (affecting mid December Sag) is in conjunction with your Sun, putting some focus on professional advancement and other general signposts of maturity. Duty and responsibility may feel inescapable, and you may feel a bit low energy, or impose these feelings of restriction onto others. Nevertheless, you are laying important groundwork that won’t seem so bad once you have it in hindsight. The trine with retrograde Aries Uranus (also for mid December Sag) ensures that much of your work will have unexpected means or outcomes, or that your steady Saturnine workload will be for the ultimate goal of something freeing, revolutionary, and utterly different. Surprises may appear commonplace, and disruption is a certainty.

Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H

Your natal element of Fire is in your court this November, eager to see you rise to the occasion.