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J U L Y - Sun in Cancer/ Sun in Leo

Your signature blundering could get you into a little bit of trouble this month, as Gemini Venus opposes your Sun from the 5th until the 31st. Turns of the tongue and pieces of writing (including emails and texts) are particularly likely to miss their mark, saddest of all because they were meant to be charming! The conjunction with the waxing gibbous Sagittarius Moon on July 6th and 7th helps with optimism. Trines from Leo Mercury (6th-25th), Leo Mars (21st-31st) and Leo Sun (23rd-31st) jolt you with confidence and push you into action-- this most keenly felt by those born in late November. Drama, expression, and self-assuredness are high and thrust you willingly into the limelight, and your creative impetus is strong. Watch out, though, as a square from Virgo Mercury restricts your movement and concerns you with too many details just as you’re trying to get things done. For early-to-mid-December Sagittarians, a conjunction with retrograde Sagittarius Saturn helps you get real, although perhaps in unforeseen or unusual ways. You may feel a bit stifled during this time, but the discipline required of you will have far-reaching effects. Totally not helping is the square to retrograde Pisces Neptune, which muddies the waters of your perceptions and makes it difficult to intuit the true path. Late-December Sagittarians can look forward to sudden surprises from a trine to Uranus in dynamic, impulsive Aries.





Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H

Fan your own flames-- you need the extra mojo this month.