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A U G U S T - Sun in Leo/ Sun in Virgo

There is a lot of reconnaissance and exchanging of notes under the Virgo Mercury opposition. Consult and be consulted, and exercise your natural Pisces sensitivity to field the information you receive. Now would not be a time to act on the information you’ve gathered--especially not the the opposing Mercury entering retrograde. Take care, too, that the quality of your information does not degrade or veer off course once the retrograde begins (August 12-31).  The trine with Cancer in Venus will last most of the month, making you an easy target for good times. You will look and feel good, which in turn will draw people to you. This is a moment for waiting and seeing; you do not need to be actively seeking. In fact, in may do you well to sit back and observe as things move towards you. The Moon in Pisces (August 9-11) will be fruitful for undertakings of the imagination, relaxing or rejuvenating activities near water, and retreats of any kind. Take care of yourself in these regards; when the Sun enters its Virgo opposition (August 23-31), you’ll need to operate from a place of calm. Virgo energy, when at odds with dreamy Pisces, can feel petty, exacting, and sharp. Don’t let it puncture your psychic stamina with middling particulars. The conjunction with your ruling planet in its favorite sign (retro Neptune in Pisces) will bolster your dreamland bubble. With retrograde Pluto in Capricorn sextiling your Sun, now would be a wonderful time to synthesize your creativity and your intensity towards a goal of some kind--- even if it’s just in your head for now.

Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H


Your own element of Water will help you go with the flow through this Mercury in Retrograde.