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J U L Y - Sun in Cancer/ Sun in Leo

The first-quarter Libra Moon kicks off the first two days of the month, making it a favorable time to touch base with people you might’ve lost ground with. Your Sun square with Mercury, in receptive Cancer from the 1st to the 5th, exposes any gaps in your emotional and instinctual vocabulary; maybe it’s you that needs to adapt, especially if you’re a mid-to-late October Libra. This, too, applies with the Cancer Mars square, which lasts until the 20th. Take care that you aren’t reacting to situations with too much sensitivity, and check any passive-aggressive tendencies. The final and longest-lasting Cancer conundrum is another square with the Cancer Sun until the 22nd. This applies to all October-born Libras and concerns your personal vitality. Try not to dissolve into tears this month when it feels like everything’s conspiring against you; Gemini Venus makes a charming trine to your Sun from the 5th until the end of the month, making all Libras cuter and sparklier than normal despite any grumblings. Save anything requiring star-quality until the 6th, when Leo Mercury sextiles your Sun. Late-September Libras will reap the added Leo boosts to the Sun and Mars from the 21st to the 31st, making it a good time for both beginnings and throwing your mojo around. The  Libra Jupiter conjunction with your Sun gives you luck and opportunities, but also a tendency to overindulge and obsess. Authority and the realities of your financial situation may try and dog you (retrograde Pluto in Capricorn); take special care if you were born around the second week of October.  Try using retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius as a way of being in control by letting go--- especially true for early-to-mid October Libras.  




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