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O C T O B E R - Sun in Libra/ Sun in Scorpio

With all the Libra in the sky this month, Gemini is more jolly and fleet-footed than usual. It’s always easy to be charming and great company when you have so few obstacles to contend with. For the first nine days of the month, Libra Jupiter trines the Sun of late June Geminis, bringing fortune, expansion, and possibly travel opportunities related to beauty and aesthetics, your sense of justice and fairness, social life, and general relationships with others, including enemies and business partners as well as lovers. During this same time, any Geminis born after the first week of June will be dealing with squares from both Virgo Venus and Virgo Mars (Oct 1-14 and 1-22, respectively). You may feel a tension that exists in details and order, and an overall sense of pickiness or worry, especially within romantic or sexual arenas. While this might be helpful if you’re trying to service the nuts and bolts of any partnership, it could be too clinical a touch for the situation. Like Gemini, Virgo is also ruled by Mercury, making it mentally astute and analytical to a fault in a way that might feel eerily familiar. Tread with sensitivity. All Geminis will benefit from the trine with Libra Mercury (Oct 1-17), which can sweeten (and loosen) both the tongue and the pen. Libra Sun trines with June Geminis for an easy time of balance and equilibrium, best used for assessing the fruits of any undertakings from this year and grooming them for future success. The waning gibbous Gemini Moon from the 8th to the 10th is a good time to read, learn, take short vacations, and make connections. Mid-month, Venus exits stickler Virgo and revels in Libra, the sign of its rulership (Oct 15-31st), followed by Libra Mars (Oct 23-31). Both will trine your Sun, making the energy flow easily. While the energy of Libra is charming and fancy-free, in both Venus and Mars it can be inconstant, passive-aggressive, and indirect. To the uninitiated, you may seem as charming, flirtatious, and attractive as ever, when in truth you are at your flakiest and most fickle. Refrain from breaking hearts, making false promises, or lapsing into overidealism. Saturn opposes mid-June Geminis, making responsibilities seem burdensome. In Sagittarius, these burdens may feel especially dogmatic or philosophically dissonant. The sextile with retrograde Aries Uranus will be keenly felt by mid-to-late June Geminis---expect surprises that mark the beginning of something. The square with retrograde Pisces Neptune affects those born in the first week of June, who could find that their cherished illusions or ideals might be sidetracking them unnecessarily.

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Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H

Gemini loves to keep it light- the airiness of this October suits them beautifully.