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O C T O B E R - Sun in Libra/ Sun in Scorpio

The month opens with a square to Libra Jupiter (October 1-9), echoed and overlapped by the squares with Libra Mercury (Oct 1-17), and Libra Sun (Oct 1-22). Blows to your personal power may be keenly felt, especially for those of you born in late January. It may seem as though none of your intentions are being properly understood, or that what you are communicating seems at odds with what people want to hear. Diplomacy feels difficult, or requires extra work; an uncanny sense of “unfairness” seems to have settled on you like a heavy veil of dust. he trine with Virgo Mars (Oct 1-22) and Virgo Venus (Oct 1-14) can be somewhat helpful for your mojo, but perhaps only when regarding the things (or people) that shoot straight, or won’t crumple under constructive criticism. Things begin to look up around the 10th, when Jupiter enters Scorpio for the first time since 2005. In Scorpio, it now sextiles your Sun, enabling December Capricorns in particular to get a leg up and plunge headfirst into the heart of any matter. Intensity, immersion, and concentration increase, as do the propensities for secrets, hidden behaviors, and taboo. Five days into Jupiter Scorpio, Venus enters Libra and squares the Suns of December and early-January Capricorns (Oct 15-31). This is not the transit most conducive to discipline or labor. Life may, in fact, be humming along quite nicely, giving you the temptation to blow off your responsibilities in favor of a good time. On the 18th, Mercury (through the 31st), followed by the Sun (23rd-31st) both move into Scorpio, and communication and concepts of self may deepen or intensify. This is a period where you may find yourself getting to the heart of matters. You could write or say something brutally honest, damning, or even vindictive; you could reveal something secret or heavy to someone, or vice versa; you may uncover or chase after mysteries; you may feel as though you are out of touch with yourself, and overdue for a big change only you can supply. Act tactfully, of course-- no one likes a critic, but sometimes the truth is more important than anything else. The overlapping square with Libra Mars (Oct 23-31st) can confuse the notions of fairness and justice, complicating actions taken in their name. From October 24th to the 27th, the Capricorn Moon is a waxing crescent encouraging you to take stock of your feelings. Caps sometimes suffer from rationalizing their reactions and emotions; remember that they are not only valid but allowed. All month long, late-January Capricorns will feel the square with retrograde Aries Uranus. This planet will likely manifest as surprises that move too quickly for you, or forcing an action you are not yet prepared to initiate. Early January Caps can enjoy the sextile with retrograde Pisces Neptune, which softens your experiences and enables your creativity to flow free of harsh parameters. Those early January Caps born in the first week will experience the Capricorn Pluto conjunction, which requires prudent, sober, and adult overhauls of your life. Now would be a good time to cut yourself free of immature thoughts, habits, behaviors, and surroundings--- seek a more grown-up job, invest in something, or take on a transformative new skill.

 Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S   M O N T H

The excess of Libra this month could leave you blowing around like a leaf-- bring yourself back down to Earth!