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N O V E M B E R - Sun in Scorpio/ Sun in Sagittarius

Emotionally speaking, Scorpio energy is a good match for Cancer; Cancer demands emotional fluidity and range in order to trust, and Scorpio provides in spades, relieving doubt in double time. Well, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are all in Scorpio this month, starting with the trine to Scorpio Mercury (Nov. 1-5). Understanding motivations, contemplating, and observing--all activities well-suited for receptive Cancer--are improved. Secrets or truths uncovered have the potential to mentally satisfy. Before Venus can go to the Scorpio ball, it first needs to do its time in Libra, where it squares your Sun from November 1st to the 7th. Libra energy can sometimes strike the Cancer as insincere or disconnected--- diplomatic for the sake of diplomacy, without concern for history or feeling. Have you ever been told you’ll love somebody, only to feel bewildered--or even insulted-- when you finally meet them? You may feel as though you’re being forced into a relationship (with a person, a project, a situation) you don’t want, but is reputedly best for you. Libra Mars in detriment (Nov. 1-30) magnifies your notorious Cancerian passive-aggression-- no need to leave hurt feelings in your wake. The waning gibbous Cancer Moon (Nov. 7-9) encourages you to turn inward and take stock of personal need. Right around this time, Venus enters Scorpio, (Nov. 8-30), although it’s in its detriment. The intensity and magnitude of a Venus Scorpio might feel good at first, as long as it doesn’t turn from absorptive into obsessive. Its tendency is to plumb depths that resist plumbing, if only for their inherent shallowness-- there’s only so deep you can dive in a kiddie pool. During this period, things may go from zero to intense with very little resistance. Overall, the sensation may be pleasurable, even romantic in the fullest sense of the word (Pisces Neptune in rulership also trines your Sun this month), as long as you don’t lose your head. This emotional tag-team is especially important for Cancers born the first week of July to observe with full lucidity, a state more easily achieved once Neptune kicks out of retrograde (November 23rd).  Jupiter, too, is in Scorpio this month, and for the first time since 2005; those born in late June and early July will feel its effect the strongest. Luck and fortune, as well as expansive motion and feeling, will pertain to Scorpionic themes of lust, will, desire, peeling back and uncovering/ discovering. The monthlong square with retrograde Aries Uranus will surprise and confound unsuspecting mid-July Cancers, landing some brashly unusual challenges in their laps without warning. The sextile with Capricorn Pluto can help speed along the psychic, mundane, and emotional spring cleaning of Cancers born around the second week of July--- perhaps through drastic measures.

Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H

An abundance of water energy helps you go with your natural flow this month.