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O C T O B E R - Sun in Libra/ Sun in Scorpio

The first of this month brings the waxing gibbous Moon in Aquarius, pausing in the sign through the 2nd, and returning as the first quarter from the 27th to the 29th. Your analytic side will be temporarily brought to the fore, as the Aquarian moon is not known for its sensitivity, but rather its cool emotional savvy. While not the first moon to gush or profess, it can certainly understand and champion the higher good in doing so. Also starting off the month is the trine with Libra Jupiter (1st-9th, most keenly felt by late-sign February Aquarians), the trine with Libra Sun (1st-22nd, February Aquarians), and the trine with Libra Mercury (all Aquarians). Now would be the proper time to take action and charm, diffuse, or persuade, owing to the fortune-boosting power of Jupiter and the communicative expertise of Mercury. Settle ongoing arguments, or express yourself creatively to someone; alternatively, you can better approach a different viewpoint  than your own, so long as you don’t, in your enthusiasm, overlook important or difficult details. Starting on the 10th, Jupiter changes to Scorpio, effectively squaring your Sun instead (Oct 10th- Oct 31st). Avoid any tendency to control or overbear; you may not realize it, but you may overstep your bounds with somebody, or obsess about a situation that doesn’t warrant the attention. For a brief period, when Libra Venus trines your Sun (Oct 15th-31st), the heaviness of Scorpio can be countered, particularly in the three-day period before Mercury, too, enters Scorpio on the 18th (through the end of the month). Venus, elevated in the sign of its rulership, enables good first impressions, promising first dates, and the general pursuit of pleasure. You will find it easy, in general, to have a good time, especially with others-- this is not a transit for hermits, but if you tend to be one, try and make an exception. The square with Scorpio Sun will affect mostly January Aquarians this month. You are being put to the test, and your choice to see either a challenge or a crisis determines your overall success. A person or group of people, specifically, will be at odds with you, or projects you are trying to build might seem needlessly obstructed. The sextile with Sagittarius Saturn will help mid-to-late February Aquarians get organized and stay focused, especially in ideological or educational arenas. The sextile with retrograde Aries Uranus enables new encounters and experiences, flights of the imagination, and unexpected bursts of creativity, in particular for late February Aquarians. Freedom and the quest for it feels important, even urgent.

 Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H

Coast on the breeze of Libra's air cushion this October-- you'll need it to counteract soggy water sign Scorpio.