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N O V E M B E R - Sun in Scorpio/ Sun in Sagittarius

With so many planets in Scorpio this month, Aquarius (ditto the other Fixed signs) may have a tougher time of it than most. A square with Scorpio Mercury begins week one, affecting mid to late February Aquarians the strongest. You may come off as a bit of a firebrand --expect challenges to the validity of your thoughts or ideas, or things that you’ve recently said. This is important, as you’re overdue for a period of reflection and constructive self-criticism. In general, however, you could find yourself in conflict with authority, so tread carefully. Luckily, Libra Venus will be trining your Sun during the same window, so you may land on your feet after all. In a peculiar twist of events, your conflicts may serve to make you appear more attractive to someone. A boss you disagreed with might see you in a new light and promote you; a crush might be wowed by your verve and intensity. The influence doesn’t last long, though (Nov. 1-7) and what remains is a square with Scorpio Sun (Nov. 1-21) and a trine to Libra Mars in its detriment (all month), making it easy to submit to passive-aggression and indecision. Don’t ghost on your dreams, to use the depressing parlance of our times. All Aquarians can benefit from the uplifting pluck of Sagittarius Mercury (in sextile, Nov. 6-30), whose M.O. is to pan out as wide as the lens can handle. This would be a good time to take on a new form of study, reassess some dearly-held beliefs, or travel someplace much further than you’ve previously been. The square to Scorpio Venus (Nov. 8-30) can intensify your desires beyond reason, or cause you to see depth that simply isn't present in someone. It might be a good time to have a brief escapade with someone, so long as you don’t expect a meaningful connection with the right person. Most likely, you’ll have a meaningful connection with the wrong person, and it could be perfectly delightful so long as you eliminate all expectations. The sextile with roving, affable Sagittarius Sun (Nov. 22-30), the breezy, aloof waxing crescent Aquarius Moon from the 24th to the 26th, and the monthlong sextile to impulsive retrograde Uranus in hot-blooded Aries do nothing but boost this likelihood. For Aquarius, freedom and originality are of utmost importance, although they usually come on one’s own terms. This November seems to be a time to expect the unexpected and completely cast off the whole rigmarole, which might seem quite Aquarian until we consider that it is happening against Aquarius’ will. Scorpio energy is too doomy and controlling for Aquarius, who always sees certainty in an open door rather than in a closed one. On that note, Jupiter-- the magnifying glass of the universe-- has just entered Scorpio, whose propensity for depth and intensity is matched by Jupiter’s ken for expansion. Imagine, now, the endless horizon of the ocean atop the seven-mile Challenger Deep, and this combination is immediately understood. This image is of particular importance for late January and early February Aquarians, who may feel a general intensity uptick from now through the new year. Check arrogance and willy-nilly impulsiveness, but embrace your heightened senses of gut feeling. Mid February Aquarians will be contending with a sextile to Sagittarius Saturn, giving you the tools for a job well done that’ll actually stick. Your self-discipline is heightened, and all things related to career, work, or the general advancement of your mature state are currently favored. The sextile with retrograde Uranus in Aries hits mid-Feb Aquarians too, making it possible for you to patiently and constructively engage with the new. At present, you can approach a drastically new task, knowledge, or skill with an appreciation for the long game.

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